Items No.:CNL-YH-1026

Weigth:22.5g Length:12.5cm Color

Items No.:CNL-YH-1031

Weigth:29.5g Length:14cm Color

Items No.:CNL-YH-1038

Weigth:8.2g Length:6.5cm Color

Items No.:KX70

length: 7.0cm Color

Items No.:KX60

length: 6.0cm Color

Items No.:KXC06

length: 6.0cm Color

Items No.:KX95

length: 9.5cm Color

Notice: All of the KX Series can be tied with the tube

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Items no. HX111 Type:Floating

Size:100mm Weight:12g

Items no. HX108 Type:Floating

Size:120mm Weight:18g

Items no. HX120 Type:Sinking

Size:100mm Weight:22g

Items no. HX122 Type:Floating

Size:140mm Weight:34g

Items no. HX117 Type:Floating


Items no. HX128 Type:Sinking


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