Item No.:ZNW-001

Length:13cm Weight:33g Color

Item No.:ZNW-002

Length:15cm Weight:44g Color

Item No.:ZNW-003

Length:18cm Weight:140.5g Color

Item No.:ZNW Solid Fish

Length:13cm Weight:72g Color

Item No.:ZNW-005

Length:14cm Color

Item No.:ZN4S Fish

Length:19cm Weight:58g Color

Item No.:CNL-YH-22

Length:30cm Color

Item No.:ZNW-008

Length:16/19cm Color

Item No.:Arrow fish

Length:17cm Weight:35g Color

Item No.:ZNW-010

Length:23cm Weight:92g Color

Item No.:ZNW-011

Length:14cm Color

Item No.:ZNW-012

Length:11.5cm Weight:23g Color

Item No.:ZNW-013

Length:24cm Color

Item No.:ZNW-014

Length:14/18cm Color

Item No.:ZNW-015

Length:20cm Weight:35g Color

Item No.:ZNW-016

Length:18cm Color

Item No.:ZNW-017

Length:13.5cm Weight:25g 

Item No.:ZNW-018


Item No.:ZNW-019

Length:12cm Weight:27g color

Item No.:ZNW-020


Item No.:ZNW-021

Length:15cm Color

Item No.:ZNW-022

Length:6cm Weight:8g color

Item No.:ZNW-023

Lenght:6.5cm/9.2cm Color

Item No.:ZNW-024

Length:9cm Weight:14g color

Item No.:ZNW-025


Item No.:ZNW-026


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